What is a LEED Certified Home?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. At R.E.A. Homes, we take a leadership role in our community and in our industry by building High Performance Luxury Homes℠. Based on our clients wishes, often times these homes are built with third party inspections and designations. This helps ensure that the homes truly perform as intended. There are only a few truly elite nationally recognized “green” programs , and LEED for Homes is one of the best. Using third party verification, LEED certified homes achieve superior levels of energy efficiency, use less natural resources and create a better living environment for its occupants as well as the community as a whole.

What does it mean to be LEED Certified?

LEED Certification provides an overall platform for the creation and verification of a home’s performance. Homes that become LEED Certified have attained a superior level of energy and resource efficiency and have created a healthier living environment for its occupants as well. LEED Certified homes on average have energy consumption levels of 30% less than homes built to the National Energy Code.

What are the benefits of living in a LEED Certified home?

The benefits of living in a LEED Certified home include:

  • More durable and have a longer functional life
  • Create large reductions in utility costs
  • Provide greater indoor comfort and have fewer drafts
  • Maintain more consistent temperatures throughout the home
  • Provide better indoor air quality-reduced dust and allergens
  • Create Less opportunity for exposure to mold and other indoor toxins
  • Achieve total net costs that are similar to owning a conventional home

What is the process for building a LEED Certified home?

R.E.A. Homes is the leader in creating High Performance Luxury Homes℠. Upon your decision to create a LEED Certified Home we will sit down with you and the architect for a review of your plans. Next a third party company will be selected by the team for verification of construction practices that adhere to LEED guidelines. For LEED verification we recommend organizations like SmartHouse. During construction, your home will be subject to numerous spot inspections, verification and performance testing by that designated independent third party. These inspections and tests will be documented and submitted to the USGBC to verify compliance to LEED Certification standards.

How do I get started?

Simply tell us that you are interested in creating a LEED certified home and we’ll handle the rest. R.E.A. Homes is a member of the USGBC as well as the National and Local Home Builders Association. No matter what level of performance you are looking for in your next luxury home, R.E.A. Homes will make your dreams come true.

For additional information about LEED Certification call the USGBC at 202-828-7422 or visit www.usgbc.org.