“Accountability Builds Quality Homes”

Home building can be a complicated and involved process, but you can put your worries aside when working with R.E.A. Homes. We understand that building with both natural and man-made materials can lead to imperfections in the building process. We also realize the quality of workmanship can vary with home building projects.

However, when you choose R.E.A., you can be assured that we work with only the best craftsmen, trade partners, and suppliers to overcome many of the imperfections of the building process. We have a better system for addressing the imperfections including excellent communication with our partners and an attention to detail.

“The key to a positive home building experience is trusting that those who work on the home are able to correct imperfections when discovered and stand behind their work,” says Jeff Bogard, founder and president of R.E.A. Homes.

Working with the staff at R.E.A. Homes, you can rely on decades of carpentry experience, ensuring your project is delivered with the highest in quality. Customers benefit from Jeff’s decades-long relationships with trade partners and suppliers who help construct all R.E.A. Homes.

“I promise my customers, trade partners and suppliers accountability – because accountability builds quality homes,” Jeff says. “Our trade partners and suppliers know they can count on us to cover our costs on time, so they honor our projects – and it shows in the outstanding work on our homes.”

Moreover, R.E.A. Homes’ attention to detail doesn’t end when the home buyer moves in. We offer our House Call Warranty which provides for adjustments expected with any newly built home even after you move in.

“We just don’t want to build homes and sell them,” says Jeff. “We want customers for life who will refer R.E.A. Homes to others, and whose family will build again with us the next time. We’re in it for the long-term relationships.”