Comfort Factors for your Custom Home

Building a custom home goes beyond fancy cabinetry, granite countertops, and elaborate millwork. At the end of a long day, you want to come home to a place that is comfortable and relaxing for your family. Building a custom home gives you peace of mind because your family’s specific wants and needs are addressed—down to the most-minute detail.

Comfort isn’t just something you experience when you tour a home or look at pictures on the Internet. It’s something your family feels living in a home day in and day out, month after month, year after year. As the seasons change, the external conditions that affect a home’s comfort are in constant flux. The home must continually adjust to those conditions in order to maintain a reasonably consistent interior environment. Properly selected and installed HVAC systems minimize variations in temperature, humidity, and airflow so that wherever you go in your home the climate feels similar.

Comfort Factors to Consider When Designing and Building a Custom Home

  • The Shell: Is the shell of the home properly sealed to manage moisture and air quality concerns?
  • Insulation: Do you have right insulation (there are many types including batts, blown-in fiberglass, foam, etc.) in the right locations, and is it installed correctly to minimize temperature and air movement from the inner walls to the outer walls in all seasons?
  • HVAC System: Do you have the right size HVAC system? Bigger is not always better.
  • Air Quality: Does the HVAC system use fresh air supply systems to ensure adequate fresh air ventilation in the system? Never underestimate the importance of the “V” (stands for ventilation) in the term HVAC.
  • Consistency: Is the duct system designed to distribute the proper amount of hot or cold air to every room on every floor in every season?

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