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R.E.A. Homes supports you through the pre-construction, construction, and post closing phases of the custom home-building process. It is not our mission to simply build a home and sell it – we want to build lifelong relationships with each of the customers we serve. Our attention to St. Louis’ central neighborhoods is essential to keeping these communities vibrant by attracting and retaining home buyers that want the close-in locations, but don’t want to settle for older homes that are inefficient and outdated.

Our three-plus decades, and two generations of experience in the home building business, deep involvement in the St. Louis green community and our true dedication to you, help us achieve these goals with each home we build.

We offer a simple process that brings peace of mind and confidence to our clients:

Selecting Your Home Site

We work most effectively for you when we are involved early and often in the creation of your dream home. Even before the building site and house plan are identified, we are a part of the team that can help you identify the best opportunities.

Pre-Construction Phase

Before we ask our clients to believe in us and our process, we first earn that right through what we call the Pre-Construction Phase.

In the pre-construction phase, we  perform most of the due diligence necessary to determine feasibility of the project.

This due diligence includes meetings that may be required with officials including civil engineers, architects (yours or ours), city building departments, subdivision trustees, and others. During this process, we will also conduct a client interview to provide an estimated cost analysis.

We like to say that we build your home on paper first, before we ever dig the hole. This translates to a worry free next step towards construction.

Construction Phase

Once you are completely satisfied with the estimated cost analysis and all other due diligence items, we proceed with the construction phase. At this point, we finalize an extremely detailed and reliable budget, and then begin with actual construction of your residence or remodel project.

R.E.A. Homes’ edge over all of its competition is founder and president Jeff Bogard’s years of experience making him a leader in his profession. As a former general manager of the area’s largest home builder, Jeff has established partnerships with many of the best craftsmen in the region and an understanding of the best products on the market. His knowledge ensures that R.E.A. Homes offers only the best designs, workmanship, and products to provide only the best for your custom-built home.

“I promise accountability in all levels of the organization,” Jeff says. “I am personally involved with every home we build,” Jeff explains. “At R.E.A. Homes, we only build a few homes per year so our customers and their homes receive focused attention. There’s a high level of satisfaction for me when all of it comes together, when a customer has put that kind of confidence in me – and I deliver!”

Part of the process is also following the latest trends in home features. Jeff has attained the credentials of LEED Green Associate and Master Certified Green Professional. He and his team utilize this vast knowledge to create superior homes and living spaces that are built with a focus on better energy efficiency, better indoor air quality, and better overall comfort for its inhabitants. They combine this with research on the ever-changing needs of families today as well as new features available. “Outdoor living spaces are extremely popular as it essentially extends your home by adding a ‘room’ to create a backyard retreat,” Jeff says.