Getting ready to renovate and weighing your options for living arrangements? In this article, we’ll break down the considerations of a renovation to help you make an informed decision about where to stay during your home renovation.

Construction is messy and disruptive work. When construction happens in the home, it can stir up dust in the air and restrict the usage of certain parts of your home. It can make life at home more challenging, and similarly, your deciding to live there can slow the pace of construction. 

However, the cost of moving out and staying in a hotel or rental property can add to the budget. Moving out isn’t always necessary for home renovations depending on several factors. 

The following are some aspects of home renovation to consider and how each will affect the decision to move out or live in– an important step when planning to renovate your home.

Renovation Factors to Consider When Deciding Where to Stay


Cost is one of the primary disadvantages of moving out during a home renovation. However, to understand whether it will be cost-effective, we recommend calculating the approximate housing costs for the duration of the project, and asking your contractor whether they can be more efficient with you out of the way. 

If the builders work faster with you out of the way and reduce the timeline of the project, it could save you money on labor costs and perhaps keep you within your overall budget. Some contractors upcharge on projects where the residents choose to stay during the work so that they can account for ongoing cleanup costs and more time interrupted. 

Generally speaking, R.E.A. Homes encourages owners to move out while the renovation is underway unless it is in a completely isolated area of the home. For example, finishing a lower level of a home but leaving the main floor area as-is.

Scope of Project

Is this a gut renovation? 

If the room under renovation is one you cannot live without for more than a few days, it will be less feasible to live in the home. Staying during a bathroom renovation is doable with multiple bathrooms. A kitchen renovation is much more difficult to live around because it removes your access to food. 

These projects require you to move out during renovation:

  • Renovation projects occupying more than 50% of the home 
  • Major roof remodeling (for your safety)
  • Asbestos or major mold removal (for your health)
  • Wood floor refinishing (for the length of time you can’t walk on the floors)

Living out and staying out of the way can help them finish more quickly. It’s essential to communicate with your builder to determine the project’s timeline, how best they will work, and whether you can practically live alongside the project. Answers to these questions will better inform you of what the builders need from you to work most efficiently, which you can then balance against your budget. 


Staying somewhere else may be the more comfortable option depending on the scope of the project and the issues around indoor air quality that can arise during construction. However, there are some basic steps you can take while living in to reduce safety concerns:

  • Seal off construction-free zones
  • Turn off HVAC
  • Always wear shoes
  • Remove fragile decor
  • Keep kids and pets away from the construction site

As for R.E.A. construction sites and coronavirus safety concerns, we are taking steps to implement up-to-date protection measures as recommended by the CDC, OSHA, the American Public Health Association, and many other construction safety organizations. Learn more about our COVID and construction safety measures here

Working with a Homebuilder that Supports Your Budget

R.E.A. Homes builds and renovates custom luxury homes in St. Louis with a family’s entire well-being in mind. We meet with you in-person to discuss your project and your options so you understand what works with your existing home and what you can do to improve your home’s look and functionality while staying within your budget. 

R.E.A. is hands-on every step of the way until your project is complete, and you are satisfied with the results. We can help you determine whether moving out or living in will work best for your specific renovation and needs. Contact Jeff Bogard today to get the conversation started at 314-400-2119 or