Home Builder Digest ranked R.E.A. Homes as the #1 Custom Home Builder in Missouri! Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the article to catch R.E.A.’s feature.

Every year we strive to build custom homes that create a level of luxury and comfort above your average homebuilder. We place great importance on meeting our client’s requests with luxurious master baths, gourmet kitchens, and magnificent exteriors. But the secrets to real custom home building success lie in the details in areas that most homeowners don’t see, the areas behind the drywall. We aim to maximize comfort and minimize common problems.


Words From Jeff Bogard, President of R.E.A. Homes

“What we’ve found is that every year as we build more homes, more and more people have become aware of our methods and can see the superior results. Homebuyers expect more from their homes’ performance and they are realizing that there is so much more to luxury than just the facade of the home. Today’s homebuyers understand that what’s behind the drywall—insulation, heating/cooling systems, overall shell—is just as important as what’s in front of the drywall. Attention to the details that no one sees results in maximizing comfort and minimizing problems such as hot and cold spots, drafts, rooms that don’t heat or cool properly, higher-than-necessary utility bills, and indoor air quality issues.  This focus is what helped R.E.A. Homes earn it’s #1 custom home builder ranking in Missouri.”

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