A family’s custom luxury home’s appointments and features don’t mean much if they are suffering from poor air quality. Proper installation of an ENERGY STAR® certified HVAC system helps improve your family’s comfort and health long after that last moving box is unpacked.


Why a Properly Installed HVAC System is Important to Your Family’s Health

First a little HVAC 101: A heating and cooling system has two kinds of ducts:


  • Supply ducts that bring warm or cold air to rooms
  • Return ducts that bring air from rooms back to the HVAC system to be reheated or cooled


Watch the video to learn more about how R.E.A. Home’s goes above the code when installing ductwork.

ENERGY STAR® certified HVAC systems use a closed return system. This means air going from rooms in a home back to the HVAC system travels through a fully ducted and closed system.


It’s a dirty little secret that many home builders don’t use a closed return system. Rather, they use the space in between a home’s drywall. This space often contains dust, construction debris, and other irritants. When the HVAC system is running, air passes by those materials and irritants and ultimately circulates particulates back into the home via the supply ducts.


R.E.A. High-Performance Luxury Homes℠ ENERGY STAR® certified HVAC systems use fully ducted and completely closed sheet metal return systems ensuring cleaner and less irritant-filled air for families’ health and comfort. It’s just one of the many ways Jeff Bogard and his team fulfill R.E.A. Homes mission: building custom homes that provide more comfort and luxury for the whole family to enjoy. 


A leader in High-Performance Luxury Homes℠, R.E.A. Homes builds custom luxury homes with a family’s entire well-being in mind. Their hand-crafted custom homes use best building practices, modern design, and smart technology to create superior living experiences that are more comfortable for families and better for the environment. To learn more, call 314-400-2119.