HVAC System in Modern Farmhouse

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One homeowner’s dream of a more energy-efficient luxurious custom home became a reality after partnering with R.E.A. Homes. One of the family’s goals was to use a more energy-efficient HVAC system that would be a source of comfort and healthier living for decades. Keeping the family’s goals and budget in mind, R.E.A. Homes President, Jeff Bogard, worked with area HVAC expert, Marc Bluestone of SmartHouse Heating and Cooling, to create a more comfortable home environment.

HVAC System Features:

  1. Ground Source Heat Pumps
    • Geothermal Heating & Cooling ensures the family will enjoy lower utility bills and added resale value to the home. It pairs well with the home’s significant Solar Energy system and the 30 percent federal tax credit helps its affordability.
  2. Multistage Systems
    • The home has two zoned, multi-staged systems, allowing the owners to control temperatures throughout the home and minimize hot and cold spots.
  3. Whole-house Humidity Control
    • An energy-efficient house is a tight house. A dehumidification system in the summer and a humidification system in the winter ensures the home stays within a healthier and more comfortable humidity range all year.
  4. Energy Recovery Ventilation
    • Bringing in fresh air and removing stale air maintains a healthier indoor environment for the family.
  5. High-efficiency Air Filters
    • Small air-born particles are everywhere. High-efficiency filters ensure the air stays cleaner and healthier for the family.
  6. Ecobee Thermostats
    • Modern, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats provide the homeowners with a dashboard of options to easily and quickly adjust the temperature throughout the home.
  7. Duct System
    • Even something so out-of-sight, out-of-mind as duct work plays a role in a healthy home. This ENERGY STAR® certified home uses a carefully designed system featuring 100 percent sheet metal duct work. Ducts in non-conditioned areas were sprayed with beyond-the-code two inches of spray foam (160 percent of the building code). This spray foam allows the heated or cooled air, depending upon the season, to reach its destination without being comprised.
  8. Panasonic Whisper Green Ventilation Fans
    • One of the most energy efficient fans on the market, these ultra-quiet fans provide effective moisture and mildew control for cleaner indoor air.

While not only meeting the client’s vision for a healthier and more energy-efficient living environment, all of these features were within the homeowner’s budget. Over time, the family will save money on energy costs while increasing the home’s resale value.

Efficient HVAC Systems + Cleaner Air + Temperature Control = More Comfort and Luxury

R.E.A. Homes builds High Performance Luxury Homes℠ with the customer’s entire well-being in mind. To learn more about our custom homes in the St. Louis, Missouri, area visit our blog or Facebook page.

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