Spring Custom Home Update

2018 has been a record-breaking year for R.E.A. Homes! Our eleventh year in business has rewarded us with innovative custom homes in the St. Louis area. We have worked on a modern farmhouse that is generating power for the homeowner before construction is even complete. We also have had the privilege of working on a custom home where the client needed special attention paid to the health related components of the home. The result has been a home that has surpassed the normal green home construction guidelines. This home will soon be featured on an upcoming nationally circulated promotional effort in partnership with CertainTeed Corporation. Our priority remains the same: develop High Performance Luxury Homes℠ that provide comfort and luxury well above your average homebuilder.

Ladue Home Opportunity

We have a new home opportunity in Ladue. Located in the highly desirable and exclusive 63124 Ladue area code, this spacious lot is just under 1 acre in size. This is a great place to raise a family!  The lot is located in the award winning Ladue School District and within the Reed Elementary boundaries.

This lot is valued at $475,000 and building a new home (including the cost of the lot) would start from the low $1.5M’s. Preliminary floor plans and exterior front elevations have been designed by our friends at Forney + Architecture, or design your own custom home from scratch! Call us for more information at 314-574-5695.

Here are highlights of just a few of the custom homes we have been working on:

The Modern Farmhouse in Ladue

This home features farmhouse style with a modern touch. We recently installed a new solar panel system that started building energy credits for the homeowner prior to construction even finishing. We will also be headed to the interior to begin work on the insulation and drywall.

French Country Home

At our French Country Home in Ladue we recently completed the installation of the synthetic slate roof. Outside, the masons and stucco contractors will begin soon. With most of the exterior windows and doors installed, we are well in to the mechanical rough-in stage. HVAC, plumbers, electricians, and the technology company are hard at work!

Authentic Southern Colonial

We recently completed the foundation for this custom home in Town and Country. The next steps include measuring steel for the interior of the house and then assembling the pre-manufactured wall panels from our friends over at Mattingly Lumber.

The Manor on Stella Lane

This multi-acre estate home, built in the Gothic style, has truly become the castle on the hill. The exterior stonework is about 90% complete and we are headed inside to begin painting, flooring and millwork. We recently met with the CertainTeed team at this home to discuss the CertainTeed AIRRENEW® Drywall used throughout the home. More to come on this home!

We have several other projects just beginning the design phase, or on the verge of breaking ground in the coming months!

R.E.A. Homes continues to build High Performance Luxury Homes℠ with your well-being in mind. Our handcrafted custom homes create the ultimate living experience while using technology and resources that are better for you, your family, and the environment. To learn more about our custom built homes in St. Louis, visit our websiteblogFacebook page or call us at 314-400-2119 to discuss your needs.

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