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Building the home of your dreams is an exciting and rewarding experience. Knowing this masterpiece you created will be a part of your life for many years—and possibly generations—to come, creates a feeling of peace and happiness that is matched by few other accomplishments.

When you choose R.E.A. Homes to build your High Performance Luxury Homes℠, you are providing for your family’s health and safety. These homes—some refer to it as green building—incorporate features that make the home significantly more efficient, sustainable, comfortable, and healthier.

High Performance Luxury Homes℠ include:

  • Renewable and recycled building materials
  • Highly efficient HVAC and insulation systems
  • Smart home technology and controls
  • Sustainable energy alternatives
  • Cleaner indoor air providing more comfort and enjoyment of your home
  • Third party verification (LEED or ENERGY STAR certification)

High Performance Luxury Homes℠ enjoy:

  • Healthier homes with better indoor air quality
  • Superior comfort throughout the home
  • Lower monthly operating costs including lower utility bills and less maintenance
  • Better potential resale value, higher long-term return on investment
  • Less impact on the environment and smaller carbon footprint than traditional construction

Building custom—rather than commodity—ensures that the home of your dreams becomes a reality. Smart technology, cleaner indoor air, lower utility bills, a consistent temperature throughout the house, lower maintenance costs, and a higher resale value are just a few of the features enhancing your family’s comfort.

If you have questions or are ready to take the next step, we hope you will consider R.E.A. Homes as a potential resource and partner. To learn more about our custom-built homes in St. Louis, Missouri, visit our blog or Facebook page.

This blog was pulled from R.E.A. Homes’ most recent FREE eBook – Custom Not Commodity: Why Custom Homes Are Better For Your Family. To learn more about benefits of a custom home download this Free eBook:

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R.E.A. Homes builds High Performance Luxury Homes℠ with the customer’s entire well-being in mind. To learn more about our custom-built homes in St. Louis, Missouri, visit our blog or Facebook page.

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