The conversation around luxury custom home building often focuses on what can be seen or experienced. Gourmet kitchens, home theaters, elegant master baths, grand outdoor living spaces with infinity pools, and refined design detail are all features you likely think of when it comes to luxury homes. While those are certainly luxuries, true luxury in your home begins with first ensuring a primary focus on comfort and better indoor air quality.   

What’s often not discussed in regards to luxury homes are the elements beyond what the eye can see. The construction methods used behind the drywall are often left out of the conversation. R.E.A. Homes makes it our mission to talk about the elements of luxury we don’t see.

The Luxury in What We Can’t See

When it comes down to it, true luxury MUST include a conversation about comfort. There are extra steps to take behind the drywall, and in areas like the exterior of the foundation below grade, in the design of the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, and the materials and method used to insulate the exterior walls of the home. A successful approach and strategy to all of that results in a huge difference in both the quality and performance of the home AND ultimately to your level of enjoyment in your home.

Beyond Top Building Standards

R.E.A. Homes not only builds homes to the ENERGY STAR®️ program’s rigorous standards but goes a step beyond, to create what we call High Performance Luxury Homes℠. 

Two of the most important factors in energy-efficiency in a home include a waterproof shell of the home, and having the right heating and cooling system. Some examples of energy-efficient features R.E.A. Homes have installed to create High Performance Luxury Homes℠:

  • Whole-house humidity control – to better control indoor humidity throughout the year
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) – to bring fresh air in and suck stale air out
  • High-efficiency air filters – to clean the air of small and unhealthy particles
  • Carefully designed duct systems – to minimize hot and cold spots in every room and on every floor, and create a more uniform and comfortable temperature in the home
  • Airtight ducts and well-insulated walls – to keep air cleaner and ventilation more efficient
  • Ground source heat pumps –  that lowers utility bills and raises potential resale value to the home
  • Right-sized heating and cooling equipment – to ensure equipment is installed that gives you better control of your indoor environment 

The Benefits to Our High Performance Luxury Homes

When you consider the elements of luxury beyond what you can see within a home, you start to see benefits beyond what you previously considered as “luxury.” 

The following are benefits of R.E.A.’s High Performance Luxury Homes℠:


  • Lower Utility Costs
    They use less energy for heating, cooling, and water heating, and thus result in significant savings on annual utility bills. These savings add up over several years and can amount to thousands of dollars.
  • Increased Performance
    Our homes, with more consistent temperatures throughout, improved indoor air quality, and protection from water and sunlight damage, deliver not only increased comfort but improved function and durability.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
    With optimized energy usage in our High Performance Luxury Homes℠, they help offset their environmental impact.
  • Raised Resale Value
    Homes across the country similar to our High Performance homes have shown in studies to sell in shorter days on the market, and for a higher percentage of asking price,  compared to standard built homes. 


A True Luxury Home Made With You in Mind

R.E.A. Homes builds custom luxury homes in the St. Louis area with the above considerations of luxury in mind. Our hand-crafted High-Performance Luxury Homes℠ use nationally recognized best building practices, modern design, and smart technology. 

Learn more about how R.E.A. can craft a custom home with true luxury! Contact Jeff Bogard today at or 314-400-2119.