Custom Homes Are Not for Everyone

Not everyone understands the lasting value, comfort, and quality a custom home provides. A custom home is not for individuals who minimize the importance of:

  • Quality builders and building materials
  • A healthier home in terms of indoor air quality
  • Lower utility bills
  • Quality and service—rather than the lowest price—to guide their home-buying decisions

R.E.A.’s High Performance Luxury HomesSM

Founded in 2007 by construction veteran Jeff Bogard—he has 29 years’ experience in the home building industry—R.E.A. Homes supports families through the pre-construction, construction, and post-closing custom homebuilding phases. The company’s mission is to build lifelong relationships with each family they serve while focusing on keeping St. Louis’ central neighborhoods vibrant by attracting home buyers who want the close-in locations without settling for inefficient or outdated homes. As part of this commitment, R.E.A. Homes is deeply involved in St. Louis’ green community.

R.E.A. Homes’ simple building process brings you peace of mind and confidence:

  1. Select the Home Site – R.E.A. Homes is involved early and often in creating your dream home. Even before the building site and house plans are identified, the team helps you identify the best opportunities.
  2. Pre-Construction Phase – R.E.A. Homes enters into a simple agreement with you to perform most of the due diligence necessary to determine project feasibility. This due diligence includes meetings that may be required with officials such as civil engineers, architects, city building departments, and subdivision trustees. During this process, R.E.A. Homes conducts a client interview to provide an estimated cost analysis.

Construction Phase – Once you are satisfied with the estimated cost analysis and all other due-diligence items, R.E.A. Homes draws up a construction agreement finalizing a detailed and reliable budget and begins construction of your home.

By discussing every aspect of the building process before the build even begins, R.E.A. Homes eliminates much of the drama, surprises, cost overruns, and missed target dates that many people experience when they build a home.

This blog was pulled from R.E.A. Homes’ most recent FREE eBook – Custom Not Commodity: Why Custom Homes Are Better For Your Family. To learn more about benefits of a custom home download this Free eBook:

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R.E.A. Homes builds high performance luxury homes with the customer’s entire well-being in mind. To learn more about our custom-built homes in St. Louis, Missouri, visit our blog or Facebook page.

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