Why Choose an ENERGY STAR® Home Builder?

Why Choose an ENERGY STAR® Home Builder? The government-backed ENERGY STAR® label is one of the most powerful consumer brands in the U.S. More than 87 percent of American consumers recognize the label and [...]

Building Your Dream Home: Part 2

Building Your Dream Home: Part 2 If you are thinking of building a custom luxury dream home, this blog will help you and your family know what to expect. Based on R.E.A. Home’s 25+ [...]

Building Your Dream Home

Building Your Dream Home: Part 1 So, you’re thinking about building the custom luxury home of your dreams. Congratulations! This exciting and rewarding experience will be a part of you and your family’s lives [...]

Custom Homes Are Not for Everyone

Not everyone understands the lasting value, comfort, and quality a custom home provides. A custom home is not for individuals who minimize the importance of: Quality builders and building materials A healthier home in [...]

Custom Homes for the Future Family

Technology advancements abound in most industries and custom home building has its share of innovations. New best-building practices include pre-manufactured wall panels, custom HVAC systems, solar panels, and indoor/outdoor living spaces. Such advancements [...]

Healthier HVAC Systems

A final, but important piece of the homebuilding puzzle is ensuring the highest-possible air quality. While entirely eliminating air quality hazards is impossible, much can be done to minimize exposure. One of [...]

Quality, Service or Price?

Owning a home is a large investment in terms of time, effort, and resources. When it comes to selecting your family’s home for the next 20 to 30 years, the cost of failure [...]

New Energy Efficient Modern Farmhouse

R.E.A. Homes recently broke ground on a second custom home! This new modern farmhouse style home in Ladue will feature a mixture of sustainable luxury and green components. Our partners at EFS Energy [...]

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