Healthier HVAC Systems

A final, but important piece of the homebuilding puzzle is ensuring the highest-possible air quality. While entirely eliminating air quality hazards is impossible, much can be done to minimize exposure.

One of the very first steps in R.E.A.’s homebuilding process is to invite SmartHouse, a St. Louis HVAC company, into the conversation. Also functioning as a liaison for third party independent testing for ENERGY STAR homes, the SmartHouse team keeps current on the latest HVAC trends and advances—including advanced indoor air filtration—while staying within the boundaries of best price and best value.

By incorporating proper airflow calculations—including how the house will be constructed, which way it faces, the number of windows in a room—SmartHouse installs heating and cooling and ductwork systems specifically designed for your home. No matter the season and wherever you go in your High Performance Luxury HomesSM, you will enjoy more consistent comfort in temperature and air quality.

Other Factors Impacting a Home’s Health

Experienced builders look at all of a home’s building materials and select products that have less problem-causing chemicals. Humidity can also affect a home’s air quality. Even if a house is relatively leak-proof to rain, humidity—both inside and outside the home—can cause problems. Using building science, engineering, and best practices, builders can provide superior heating and cooling systems, well-sealed ducts, and filtering and humidity-control systems to better manage the indoor environment.

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