New Energy Efficient Modern Farmhouse

R.E.A. Homes recently broke ground on a second custom home! This new modern farmhouse style home in Ladue will feature a mixture of sustainable luxury and green components. Our partners at EFS Energy designed a SunPower Equinox ™ solar panel system that will lower our homeowner’s energy costs.


EFS Energy strives to help its customers achieve energy independence by reducing use and generating clean, renewable energy. Since 2011, EFS Energy has designed and installed over 1.3 Megawatts of solar power and saved its customers thousands of dollars on electric bills.

The amount of energy produced every year by this system is equal to the following:

1,847 gallons of gasoline consumed; 17,954 pounds of coal burned; 671 propane tanks; the amount of carbon sequestered by 19.3 acres of forests in one year; 40,221 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle; 3.5 passenger vehicles driven for one year; 82% full garbage truck full of waste recycled instead of landfilled.

To learn more about the SunPower Equinox ™ system view this informative PDF.

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