R.E.A. Homes Spring 17′ Newsletter

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2017 is off to a great start! R.E.A. Homes was just awarded the Millwork Award by St. Louis At Home Magazine. We are nearing completion on a home in Frontenac and foundation is under way on a multi acre site in West St. Louis County. We also have multiple new homes currently in the design stage for clients with anticipated start dates for summer and fall of this year. Our focus for 2017 is to continue providing and improving our High Performance Luxury Homes℠ and staying involved in the community. Thank you for all of your support!

Current Homes

We are nearing completion on a beautiful 8,000+ square foot home in Frontenac that features a spectacular three-story spiral staircase.



View our drone video of our latest home in West St. Louis County:

Community Involvement

R.E.A. Homes is proud of its continued support for our friends at REFAB, a nonprofit organization that puts veterans seeking employment back to work. REFAB focuses on sustainable practices of deconstruction and refabrication. Rather than using machines to demolish buildings, they provide training and employment opportunities for those in need.  Each time a client has a home that requires demolition, we first connect our clients with REFAB so that valuable building materials (i.e. doors, windows, hardwood floors, cabinets, plumbing and light fixtures) can be removed and donated giving our clients a tax deduction, sending less trash to the landfill, and helping a great community organization.

Future Homes

The size of the homes we build continue to be newsworthy.  Many potential clients think that we only build very large estate homes.  We want clients to understand that we build what our clients want us to build.  Currently, we have new homes in process that will range from under 4,000 square feet to well over 12,000 square feet.  We have clients looking to scale down, and move up.  Regardless of size, we apply our expertise and passion to every home!  Please talk to us about your wants and needs.

Coming Soon

R.E.A. Homes will be releasing a new EBook focused on best building practices for your family and the future. We will also be celebrating 10 years of custom home building this July. We appreciate all of your support and wish you the best in 2017!


Best Regards,

Jeff Bogard
REA Homes, LLC.


R.E.A. Homes build High Performance Luxury Homes with your entire well-being in mind… hand-crafted custom homes that create the ultimate living experience. We do this in a way that is better for you, your family and the environment. To learn more about our custom built homes in St. Louis, MO, visit our website, blog, or Facebook page.

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