As we all daydream about better times ahead and may have a few extra minutes for reading, R.E.A. Homes has some insight into building a new custom home in St. Louis. Folks who are considering building a custom home must find building professionals that they can trust. And just as importantly, you must discover homebuilders that can objectively demonstrate their ability to deliver the highest quality possible. 

It is critically important that any conversation about quality includes what the eye can see in front of the drywall, but even more importantly, the construction methods used behind the drywall.

Even if your dream to build a custom home is still far off, we have some great questions for you to consider asking your potential home builder. Since “custom” is a term that many builders claim to be these days, we would suggest starting with the following questions:

1. Ask About the Homebuilder’s Credibility 

How long has the company and professional been in the industry, and what completed projects can you view that show the company’s ability to do what they say?

The homebuilder you decide to work with should have years of experience in the industry and a portfolio of work they can show to back up the “quality” claims they make.

With over three decades of expertise and dozens of multimillion-dollar homes built in St. Louis, R.E.A. Homes can show you our quality work and not just talk about it. Compare our portfolio of recently completed homes to any other firm, and you’ll see a portfolio second to none. 

2. Ask About their Building Standards

What nationally recognized, third-party verified building standards does the homebuilder have experience with that they can offer to clients? Are the building standards quality tested and certified, or do they just talk about “quality” homes?

ENERGY STAR®️ New Homes program promotes peace of mind, enduring quality, wall-to-wall comfort, and proven value. The government-backed label is one of the most powerful consumer brands in the U.S. More than 87 percent of American consumers recognize the label and say it influences their purchasing decisions. When it comes to homes, 81 percent of home buyers choose one new home over another based on its energy efficiency.

The vast majority of builders in St. Louis have no experience constructing ENERGY STAR®️ certified New Homes, but you can see, R.E.A. Homes has built homes under the program since 2010. We have dozens of custom homes certified in St. Louis. No other builder comes close.

3. Ask About Healthier Building Programs

What nationally recognized, third-party verified building program with a focus on healthier homes does the homebuilder have years of experience with and can offer to clients? What kind of other health benefits can this homebuilder offer?

The lifestyle changes we have had to make from coronavirus will impact the way we design homes in the future. Now more than ever, people are thinking about wellness within their homes and the air they are breathing. The home builder you work with should work with programs that promote healthy living.

R.E.A. Homes works with the federal government’s “sister” program to ENERGY STAR®️ called Indoor airPLUS. EPA studies show that levels of many indoor air pollutants can be two to five times higher than outdoor levels. Because people were spending almost 90% of their time indoors (even before the coronavirus pandemic), keeping indoor pollution levels as low as possible is the right thing to do for you and your family.

Every Indoor airPLUS home must first earn the ENERGY STAR®️ Certified Home label, then add indoor air quality improvements. Finally, an independent third-party inspector must verify that the home meets the EPA’s rigorous guidelines for energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

We have had experience building these types of homes in St. Louis for many years, not just recently in response to health concerns, but rather a total commitment to homes with better indoor air quality since the beginning.

For the Future

Thanks for taking the time to read this. We welcome your inquiries, even if your plans to build a new home are far off in the future. We have the experience to assemble the team you will need including real estate professionals to help you find the perfect place in the St. Louis area to build, architects, civil engineers, interior designers, and the trade partners to make it all happen.

When you’re ready, reach out to us for a conversation about your new home or renovation dreams at or 314-400-2119.