At R.E.A. Homes, we make it our mission to build every one of our homes “Beyond The Code,” each one built to a higher standard. This philosophy is at the forefront of everything we do, from the design of the home, the selection of materials, the attention to detail, the trade partners we work with, and to the amenities included in the home. We are proud to say we create homes that are not only amazing to look at, but are also some of the most energy efficient, comfortable, and innovative homes in all of St. Louis.

Little things count.

They say it’s the little things that count in life. When we create our signature “High Performance Luxury Homes SM” many of the most important and beneficial details are never even seen by the homeowners. However, our clients experience the positive benefits of our efforts every day. These extra steps show up behind the drywall, and in areas like the exterior of the foundation below grade; they can be found in the design of the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, and in the type and method of home insulation systems that are used, along with dozens of other small details that can add up to a huge difference in both the quality and performance of the home. Most importantly, our homeowners experience a sense of well-being in the home unmatched by traditional construction methods. We strive not just to build superior homes, but to create a better living experience for our homeowners and their families. Building “Beyond The Code” isn’t a mere catchphrase. For us, it’s a way of life. In subsequent chapters we will delve deeper into what this mission means to us, what we are doing to accomplish this in our homes, and ultimately, what the benefits are for you, our client. This journey will take us from the house foundation all the way up to the rooftop and everything in between, revealing our tips for creating homes that go beyond ordinary luxury homes—homes that truly deserve to be called “High Performance Luxury Homes SM.