On the street where you live – Respecting the neighborhoods in which we build

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The song “On the Street Where You Live” from the classic musical My Fair Lady painted a euphoric picture where “enchantment pours from every door.”

That’s the way we like our clients to feel about our High Performance Luxury Homes℠ that we build for them. But of equal importance to us is how your new neighbors view the way we build in their—and now your , new neighborhood.

“Many builders forget how important it is to respect the neighbors and neighborhoods in which they work,” says R.E.A. Homes founder and president Jeff Bogard, “yet it is a part of our core philosophy to treat not only our clients but those established communities in which we build with total respect and professionalism.”

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Recently, we asked one of the neighbors and trustees of a home we are building in Frontenac for feedback on the job we are doing while the house is under construction.

“As a resident and trustee of this neighborhood, we want to thank you for the clean and organized manner in which you are constructing a home,” says Elizabeth. “We very much appreciate the fact that the building site always looks orderly and are thankful for the large amount of rock that you applied to allow for parking. The rock eliminates the possibility of dirt and mud landing on our street.”

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In addition, Elizabeth cited the absence of trash on the building lot, a condition she greatly appreciated. Often, as she pointed out, trash from a building site will blow into the street and eventually onto neighboring yards.

“We have yet to receive a complaint regarding the construction at your site,” she notes. “In fact, the opposite is true. On several occasions neighbors have commented on how accommodating R.E.A. Homes has been to the residents of the neighborhood. We thank you and your employees. Your efforts are noticed and appreciated.”

That’s the type of feedback that makes us feel, well, enchanted! And that’s the kind of all-encompassing service you get when you enlist R.E.A. Homes as your High Performance Luxury Homes℠ Builder.

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