Why Choose an ENERGY STAR® Home Builder?

The government-backed ENERGY STAR® label is one of the most powerful consumer brands in the U.S. More than 87 percent of American consumers recognize the label and say it influences their purchasing decisions. When it comes to homes, 81 percent of home buyers choose one new home over another based on its energy efficiency. 


Over the past two decades, over 1.6 million ENERGY STAR® Certified new homes have been built in the United States. ENERGY STAR® Certified homeowners enjoy improved comfort, quality, and durability. Some lenders even offer special rates for ENERGY STAR® Certified homes.

ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes Have More Value

An ENERGY STAR® Certified home is at least 10 percent more energy-efficient than homes built to code and achieve a 20 percent improvement on average. Each home is inspected and verified by independent third-party energy raters throughout the construction process to ensure the home meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR® certification criteria. This process gives homeowners added confidence in their new home’s energy performance and ensures that construction details impacting the efficiency, comfort, quality, and durability are built into the home.

Best Building Practices

Each home earning an ENERGY STAR® label must pass a quality inspection checklist based on best-building practices including:

The combination of tried-and-true best practices and an integrated approach to design and construction adds up to homes with better durability, better comfort, and reduced utility and maintenance costs. Builders using energy-efficiency construction practices report increased customer satisfaction and fewer complaints and callbacks.

Good vs. Best

At a minimum, ENERGY STAR® Builder Partners must build at least one ENERGY STAR® Certified home every 12 months. That’s good. However, the best partners commit to building 100 percent ENERGY STAR® Certified homes. This commitment ensures builders stay up-to-date on the latest technology and best-building practices for ENERGY STAR® Certified homes. 

Did You Know?

R.E.A. Homes is one of only four ENERGY STAR® Builder Partners in Missouri committed to building 100 percent ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes. This commitment ensures you and your family will enjoy superior comfort throughout your home, lower utility bills, less maintenance, better potential resale value, lower interest rates, and less impact on the environment via a smaller carbon footprint. 

If You Want to Know More

R.E.A. Homes builds ENERGY STAR® Certified custom luxury homes with a family’s entire well-being in mind. Their hand-crafted High Performance Luxury Homes use best building practices, modern design, and smart technology to create ultimate living experiences that are more comfortable for families and better for the environment. To learn more about why building an ENERGY STAR® home with R.E.A. Homes is the smart choice click here or contact Jeff Bogard at 314-400-2119 or jeff@reahomesllc.com.