The Benefits of a Well-Designed HVAC System

While a well-designed heating and cooling system may not be one of the first things a custom luxury homeowner thinks of, perhaps it should be. A properly designed and installed HVAC system can positively impact your family’s health and year-round comfort.

In our previous blog, we discussed why proper HVAC equipment brings true comfort to our homes. The key is a properly installed HVAC system using a closed return system. This means air going from a home’s rooms back to the HVAC system travels through a fully ducted and completely closed sheet metal system rather than passing over and through construction debris and other irritants in the space between a home’s drywall.

Designing, constructing, and installing a custom HVAC system ensures the air in your family’s home conforms to the highest standards in terms of comfort, efficiency, and air quality.


Installed HVAC systems meeting minimum building codes often lack consistent heating and cooling throughout a home. Examples include the first floor always being cooler than the second floor or a west-facing room always being hotter in the summer. HVAC systems installed by R.E.A. Homes and SmartHouse Heating and Cooling are designed and built beyond local building codes so that the temperature in each room of your home stays consistent and comfortable.


When designed and installed correctly, HVAC elements such as thermostat placement and ductwork make a big difference in the system’s operating cost. R.E.A. Homes and SmartHouse Heating and Cooling review variables such as room size, airflow, thermostat type, and thermostat location to ensure your home’s HVAC system operates at higher efficiency. Higher-efficiency equates to saving you money on utility bills.

Air Quality

With outdoor air becoming increasingly polluted, more people are suffering from allergies and respiratory illnesses. Safeguarding the quality of the air you breathe in your home helps protect and maintain your family’s health.

A properly installed HVAC system by R.E.A. Homes and SmartHouse Heating and Cooling ensures better-managed humidity levels. Air that’s too dry or too moist can wreak havoc on your home’s structure and fixtures—wood and plaster can rot or crack, paint can peel, and door and window frames can warp. In addition, a central air system with an effective filter removes more pollutants and particles, ensuring a cleaner airflow throughout the home.

If You Want to Know More

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