Spring Custom Home Update

2018 has been a record-breaking year for R.E.A. Homes! Our eleventh year in business has rewarded us with innovative custom homes in the St. Louis area. We have worked on a modern farmhouse that is generating power for the homeowner before construction is even complete. We also have had the privilege of working on [...]

Custom Home Generates Power from Solar Panels During Construction

We recently went live at our modern farmhouse in Ladue to discuss a new solar panel system. This powerful system installed by EFS Energy is creating power and sending it back to the utility company before the construction is even complete! This is the first of our custom homes to achieve this milestone. Before [...]

R.E.A. Homes Ranked in the Top 40

R.E.A. Homes builds High Performance Luxury Homes℠ that provides a level of luxury and comfort above your normal homebuilder. For the last couple of years we have written blogs that give you an inside look at our custom home building process. Our mission for our custom home blog has been simple: educate homeowners about [...]

Custom Homes Are Not for Everyone

Not everyone understands the lasting value, comfort, and quality a custom home provides. A custom home is not for individuals who minimize the importance of: Quality builders and building materials A healthier home in terms of indoor air quality Lower utility bills Quality and service—rather than the lowest price—to guide their home-buying decisions R.E.A.’s High [...]

Custom Homes for the Future Family

Technology advancements abound in most industries and custom home building has its share of innovations. New best-building practices include pre-manufactured wall panels, custom HVAC systems, solar panels, and indoor/outdoor living spaces. Such advancements increase a home’s efficiency, thereby lowering energy and maintenance costs. They also increase a home’s resale value and livability. R.E.A. Homes [...]

Healthier HVAC Systems

A final, but important piece of the homebuilding puzzle is ensuring the highest-possible air quality. While entirely eliminating air quality hazards is impossible, much can be done to minimize exposure. One of the very first steps in R.E.A.’s homebuilding process is to invite SmartHouse, a St. Louis HVAC company, into the conversation. Also [...]

The Shell of Your Home

A healthier and more efficient home starts with the shell. Nothing is more critical—the efficiency battle is lost or won when building the shell. A properly designed and built shell seals the home to outside elements such as temperature fluctuations and water. Most homeowners are aware that water is one of a home’s most [...]

How to Build a Healthier Home

The foundation for a healthier home starts with a successful building team. Choosing the right builder is one of the most important decisions you will make during the entire process. A good builder will walk you through every step of the way, making sure your priorities and project stay on time and within your [...]

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Green Building Basics

R.E.A. Homes recently stopped by the St. Louis County Library to talk about green building practices. Jeff Bogard and Marc Bluestone of SmartHouse Heating and Cooling spoke on behalf of the Missouri Gateway Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council. Being a part of the U.S. Green Building Council is part of R.E.A. Homes’ [...]

Fall 2017 Newsletter

The leaves are changing but our mission to build High Performance Luxury Homes℠ stays the same. R.E.A. Homes continues to lead the pack as St. Louis, Missouri’s premier luxury custom homebuilder. We incorporate modern design, smart technology, and green building features that ultimately lead to more comfort and luxury in your home. This fall [...]